Opening hours

Tuesday 8.15 pm-9.30 pm
Wednesday 8.00 pm-9.30 pm
Thursday 8.15 pm-9.30 pm
Saturday 12.00 am-13.30 pm


•  4 times a week - £30

  1 month - £90

  Personal training




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please call us on 0747 417 7826 or email us at

Where we are

Unit C5, J31 Park
Motherwell Way
West Thurrock
RM20 3XD



It's a jungle out there and everyone of us needs to know how to protect ourselves when confronted with situations and people who may want to harm us. Boxers, Muay Thai fighters and martial artists are lean and mean, and just like beasts of prey, they have a competitive edge, and with a mix of grappling and striking techniques and a strong, fit body, they will be able bring their prey down.

How can MMA and Muay Thai Help You?

When it comes to MMA and Muay Thai you need to first understand what you want to do with your newly acquired fighting skills. Are you looking to be competitive and to fight in a ring or do you want to simply learn good fighting skills as a means of defending yourself? Many people who come to Ares Fighters like the idea of not going to a gym. They prefer coming to us for a major workout and to also learn brilliant fighting skills at the same time. We are open each Tuesday and Thursday from 8.15pm to 9.30pm and on a Saturday from 12am to 1.30pm.

Look for the Right Credentials

People who come to us are often attracted to our name, and why not? They simply want to acquire some of the skills of Ares, the Olympian God of War, who, when on the battlefield, was undefeated. We are situated in West Thurrock in Essex, around 20 miles from London. When choosing a quality fighting club, an important factor is the credentials of the instructors. Our instructor, Darius Skliaudys has won first fights in K1 and ZST federations rings. In Japan he took important fights, taught lessons and is a highly skilled teacher and leader of the Muay Thai branch in England. He will tell you that Muay Thai and MMA are dangerous sports and you can get hurt, and that the most important aspect in training is to learn how to defend yourself. Rytis Sadauskas is our Fight Club President, manager as well as being an instructor assistant.

Clean, Quality Facilities

Another important factor to look at with a fighters club is their facilities. You will find that at Ares Fighters we offer clean mats and our equipment and accessories like our gloves, workout machines, weights and punching bags are all in good repair to eliminate the risk of injury. Every MMA and Muay Thai gym differs somewhat, but we offer classes that people are interested in and at affordable prices. We know that people come to us for Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai for different reasons, but all with one common purpose, to get a great looking body which is strong and fit while also having a tremendous amount of fun.

You Learn Proper Breathing Skills and Mental Alertness

As a full contact combat sport, Mixed Martial Arts or MMA makes use of techniques which come from a number of other combat sports. An important aspect of MMA and Muay Thai is mental strenght to remain calm in  dangerous situations. Known as the top position, you want distance between you and the aggressor so you can set up strikes and you can't be battling with having no breath. Ares Fighters Club offers so many other benefits and mental clarity and alertness is just another.

You can Become Extraordinary

Short, thin and want to win fights without getting hurt? It was General George Patton who said 'Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom', and at Ares your opponent may well get you down, but you'll simply come bouncing right up again.




Darius Skliaudys

• Muay Thai Instructor

• MMA Instructor
• Personal Trainer
• Club Director & founder


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Rytis Sadauskas

• Fight Club President

• Instructor assistant
• Manager

• Club Director & founder




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