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Fight-instructor-Darius-SkliaudysIn 1998 Darius Skliaudys started to exercise and began his career as a sportsman in Lithuanian sport club "Titanas". Coach Marius Misiunas helped him to achieve sport heights at the time. A few years after Darius began to work with the Federation of Bushido, whose founder and president was Donatas Simonaitis.


Donatas helped Darius to win first fights in K1 and ZST federations rings. Marius Misiūnas, Muay Thay combat sports pioneer in Lithuania, introduced Darius Skliaudys to Japan, in which he took the most important fightsin his life, he taught lessons and gained experience, without them he would not have become a strong teacher and leader of the Muay Thai branch in England.




  • Multiple Muay Thai champion of Lithuania
  • Muay Thai Champion of Russia
  • Muay Thai champion of Europe and winner of third place in World championship
  • IAMTF EuropeMuay Thai champion in 2000
  • IAMTF World Muay Thai third place (Thailand, Bangkok) in 2001
  • Darius Skliaudys ended three fights in Japan by knockouthis opponent in the first round
  • MultipleZST, K-1 WORLD MAX Japan tournaments participant


Darius talks aboutMuay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA):


"When you enter the ring you must be ready for everything. You must be strong, focused and ready to go forward, no matter what will happen. This is not football, - so the ball can not be passed to teammate, - everything is in your hands. I chose this sport when I was achild, because that was a very difficult stage of my life, and I decided to prove everyone that I could be better than others.


When I began to fight, I realized that this sport is not only physical, but also spiritual development. Concentration, moral and spiritual preparation are very important. You must pay much attention on these factors.


I think that Muay Thai and MMA is a sport for man and it is a very dangerous sport, because you can get kicks from anywhere: opponents can kick at your feet, hands, elbows, knees. If you focus only on your hands, you will get kick with leg, elbow and so on. Therefore, the most important is defense - most of all to learn how to properly defend yourself. That's why I want to pass on my knowledge to others, teach to reach for development, patience and concentration".

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