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Just like the amazing sea-living Octopus makes use of its four pair of arms to make flexible and intelligent maneuvers, Muay Thai is referred to as 'The Art of the Eight Limbs', where the hands, knees, elbows and shins are all involved to strike at the opponent. Training in the Southeast countries starts at about 6 years of age and classes are designed to get young fighters lean and mean and ready for action.


Training at a club like Ares Fighters involves footwork skills, heavy bag training, shadow boxing, pad work as well as different partner co-ordination drills. The classes are guaranteed to provide fighters with amazing levels of fitness, conditioning as well as outstanding martial strategies, providing young trainees with all the skills needed in the ring.

Thrilling and Gripping to Watch

Of course the idea is to win a fight with a knockout or by way of decision, and on the street the techniques learned will allow you to defend yourself adequately against an attacker. Completely gripping and thrilling to watch, some of the professional Thai boxers make the sport even more entertaining and perform some Buddhist rituals before commencing with a match. As a form of hard martial art and a combat sport, Muay Thai is practiced in the Southeast countries as well as many parts of the world, and is Thailand's national sport. It has also been accepted as an Olympic sport.

Self Defense a Lasting Gift

Because of the intensity of the sport and it being so physically demanding, practitioners develop high levels of physical conditioning, but sometimes the careers of some fighter are cut short. Who can forget Apidej Sit-Hirun who not only held seven Muay Thai titles and was a fighter during the 1960s, his powerful kicks broke both arms of an opponent, ending the opponents fighting career. Originally Thai boxing consisted of using the head as well, but today professional, head butting has been discontinued.

Incapacitating the Opponent

The sport has become extremely popular internationally and this meant a change in the rules to make it more organized so that it could be governed like the more established sports such as boxing. What sets Muay Thai apart from sports such as boxing is the use of the clinch, a form of gripping where you grip your opponent's neck, pulling their head towards you while making use of knee kicks to the midsection. In fact low kicks to the thighs are a very distinguishing characteristic of the sport, and the kicks, using a circular movement of the entire body, are so powerful they can often lead to the end of the fight. This is because the opponent is no longer able to stand after a bout of these lethal low-kicks.

Where it All Began

Rings were introduced in the 1920's as well as gloves and groin protector and formal rules were also introduced in the late 1940`s with Thai boxing stadiums being erected in major cities such as Bangkok with its Lumpini Stadium with training camps and gyms opening around the world. The Lumpini Boxing Stadium is regarded as sacred territory and winning here is equal to winning a gold medal, as the stadium is a symbol of sport.

Eager for a Challenge?

Want to stand firm in the face of personal danger and win the day? By learning Muay Thai at Ares Fighters with instructors who teach you how to rise to every challenge, you will never have to check your tracks in a rear-view mirror.

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